Danish man rescued after 20 hours in shark-infested waters

A Danish expat was rescued off the coast of Western Australia at the weekend after 20 hours in cold, shark-infested waters.

Kim Thomsen, 49, who has been living in Australia for years, went out on a fishing venture with friends on Sunday. However, the trip turned deadly when the boat capsized, leaving Thomsen and two others in the water as their small vessel sank.

Around 20 hours later, Thomsen was pulled from the water more than 250kms north of Perth whilst a news helicopter captured images of a large hammerhead shark curiously circling the distressed man. Thomsen was naked, struggling to stay afloat and weak at the time of the rescue. He reportedly could barely swim a couple of metres to the rescue boat and was unable to climb the ladder unassisted.

Inspector Peter Foley said on behalf of the Mid West-Gascoyne District Office, “He’s just happy to be with us and with his family,” The West Australian newspaper reports.

However, the search continues for Thomsen’s still-missing nephew Sean Coffey, 23. The third man Bryce Weppner, 23, was pronounced dead in a Perth hospital after being pulled from the water unconscious.