Danish biker gangs setting up in Thailand

Danish and Thai police are joining together in an effort to monitor the activities of Danish bikers from the Hells Angels and Bandidos gangs, which seem to be relocating to the Asian country. While the Bandidos are known to have set up sectors in Bangkok around eight years ago, a new Hells Angels chapter has just been established in Pataya.

“The bikers shouldn’t think that they are safe in Thailand and can establish a base for criminal activities in Denmark,” said Kim Kliver, head of the National Police Investigation Centre. “Both Thailand and Denmark have an interest in combating organised crime that members of the biker gangs are involved in.

“We have agreed that the experience we have gained here in Denmark in our operations against bikers should be given on to the police in Bangkok and Pataya, and we can help the Thai police in concrete cases if they so wish,” Kliver added in a report by Politiken.

Danish officers have been monitoring the international travelling habits of gang members, and found many are staying in Thailand for longer periods. Kliver believes that, although the operational stress technique has worked in Denmark, the bikers are finding they can more easily hide and invest their money in Thailand.

“Our efforts here in Denmark have put pressure on the bikers. Many of them are in prison and we have also hit them where it hurts most – their wallets,” said Kliver. “The Tax Authority (SKAT) has confiscated cars, jewellery and cash and handed out tax and VAT fines, so the criminal bikers have perhaps felt a need to place their funds elsewhere, where they believe we cannot get at them. Women from the East are the biggest group of traded women in Denmark and we are monitoring whether members of the biker groups are showing an interest in this market,” Kliver said.