Norway’s National Theatre in structural despair

Recent inspections have revealed the National Theatre in Oslo bears severe cracking in its walls, ceilings and floors. Experts estimate that repairs will cost some NOK 885 million (EUR 117 million).

The national landmark, which first opened in the late 1800s, also appears to be crumbling from the inside, as inspectors recently noted peeling paint as well as tainted marble furnishings. Reports also said that repairs will be particularly difficult as the historic structure features many areas that are tight and difficult to work inside.

The facility’s technical operations chief Freddy Olsen told the Norway Post that because the building’s doors and hallways are so narrow, all props and sets must be assembled on the theatre’s stage and disassembled again before being taken elsewhere.

Officials said that the NOK 885 million estimate by the Statsbygg, government advisory body for construction projects was inclusive of the cost of renting a replacement space during the two-year period that would be required for the renovation.

Meanwhile, the culture minister has yet to reveal whether the government is willing to invest in the project.

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