Dane admits burning daughters in car

A Danish man has admitting drugging his two daughters and then burning them alive inside his car, claiming he also tried to kill himself but fled the vehicle when his natural survival instincts kicked in.

At a court in Potsdam, Germany, this week, the 40-year-old father admitting dousing his car with petrol and setting it alight on a wooded road in Berlin last summer while his nine and ten year-old daughters were asleep inside.

After originally telling police the fire was an accident, the man has now confessed to giving both children a sleeping tablet before he decided to commit suicide and “take my girls with me”. After fleeing the car himself, he claims he tried to also free the girls but was driven back by the heat.

“I considered running on to the highway and throwing myself in front of a truck,” he told the court, according to the Copenhagen Post. He also abandoned this idea, however, as he decided it would be unfair to an unsuspecting driver.

The 40-year-old claims his actions were not planned and that he was suffering from depression after losing his farm in Himmerland and undergoing a messy divorce. The prosecution, which will call dozens of witnesses including the man’s ex-wife, believes the killings were premeditated.

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