Greenpeace ambush oil execs into phony meeting

Greenpeace has got one over on the top dogs of the oil industry after duping them into listening to a lecture about the perils of exploration in Greenland.

As many as 18 executives from companies including BP, Shell and Statoil were ambushed by a group of suit-clad activists as they made their way to a genuine seminar, which was meant to be hosted by Greenland’s Raw Materials Directorate, at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen.

The undercover agents waited in the building’s lift for the businessmen before advising them that the meeting had moved to another room – one hired by Greenpeace. According to Politiken, rather than receiving information about how they could become involved in oil and gas exploration in the Arctic region, the group was then subjected to a 15-minute power-point presentation about environmental concerns.

Seemingly more interested in the hot drinks and croissants laid on by their generous hosts, it was not until the end of the presentation that the audience became aware that Greenpeace was calling the shots. The activists thanked the executives and left the building after the meeting, joining their more conspicuous yellow-clad comrades outside.

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