Strike on wheelchair man after bowling alley shootout

A wheelchair-bound man was arrested last week in Sweden after going on a shooting spree in a bowling alley.

The 34 year-old was charged with seven counts of attempted murder for opening fire on a group of his colleagues in Malmo, southern Sweden, on Friday night, 21st October.

According to news agency TT, no one was hit, despite several shots being fired into the group as they prepared to leave the bowling complex restaurant.

“We heard a loud bang and turned round. Then we saw a man in a wheelchair with a gun in his hands. He was aiming straight at us,” a witness told Aftonbladet.

After shooting several more times at the group as they ran across the car park, the disabled man, and his accompanying pet dog, attempted a desperate escape through town. He was, however, arrested shortly afterwards and had his gun and his companion confiscated.