Mother to sue daughter for ‘stealing’ lotto cash

A Swedish woman who won the jackpot on a scratch card is reportedly suing her daughter for nabbing the prize money.

After realising she had won SEK 500,000 (EUR 54,808) in the Triss lotto, the camera-shy woman from Blekinge, southern Sweden, asked her daughter to appear for her in a live television broadcast for the chance to win a larger amount.

According to local newspaper Sydostran, the daughter wrote her own name on the ticket before going on to win SEK 10,000 (EUR 1,096) every month for 25 years. After the first payment was transferred into her mother’s account, the newspaper claims the older woman has since been left empty handed.

The mother now reportedly plans to take her daughter to court to gain access to the rest of the winnings which, according to the court documents, the daughter views as rightfully hers.

Speaking to Aftonbladet newspaper, the mother’s lawyer, Bjorn Lindmar, said “She plans to retire soon and 10,000 kronor will help contribute greatly to her pension.”

Neither woman has commented, but Lindmar claims they had a good relationship before the lotto win.

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