Geothermal energy conference to see participation from Islandsbanki

The geothermal energy conference, Geothermal Energy Expo and the GRC Annual Meeting, both taking place today until October 26th 2011 in San Diego, California, will see participation from the Icelandic bank Islandsbanki for the fifth time running; highlighting the bank’s commitment to the geothermal energy industry in the United States.

The Geothermal Energy Expo is the world’s largest gathering of vendors providing support for geothermal resource exploration, characterisation, development, production and management.

During this year’s conference, Islandsbanki will release its fifth annual United States Geothermal Energy Market Report, which provides an overview of operations, developments, and challenges facing the industry in the U.S. The report also contains estimates on capacity additions and financing needs for the next five years.

Additionally, Islandsbanki maintains an online Geothermal Industry Dashboard, via its website, in order to keep interested parties informed on the current status of the international geothermal industry. This resource is designed to give a user-friendly overview of the industry under various data sectors.

It is predicted that the attendees for the 2011 GRC Annual Meeting will likely beat those of 2009 and 2010, with more technical sessions and presentations taking place than before. This meeting will enable 292 papers and posters to be shared with the geothermal industry.

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