Boyfriend in second arrest for missing woman’s murder

A Swedish man, who was arrested and released after his girlfriend went missing last year, has been formally charged with murder following the discovery of fresh evidence.

Although Marina Johansson’s body and a murder weapon have never been recovered, police believe her 36 year-old boyfriend, who she met on the internet in 2006, murdered her at their home in Spekerod after an argument.

No evidence of foul play was originally discovered when police searched the house, but five months after she was reported missing, a bloody mattress covered with a tight fitting blanket was uncovered by friends of Johansson who subsequently moved in. Further inspection also revealed what is thought to be a bullet hole containing bone fragments near the bed.
Johansson was reported missing by her mother on 2nd August 2010, shortly after the 31 year-old and her boyfriend had returned from a boat trip. Police now suspect she was shot in the head whilst in bed on 28th July and her body disposed of. They believe the 38 year-old used his girlfriend’s own gun in the killing, but have failed to find the weapon.

The accused, who was arrested for the second time last Friday, has denied any involvement in her disappearance. “I deny all allegations because I have done nothing,” he said during the hearing, according to The Local.