Secret extremist group in leading DF positions

A secret network of right-wing extremists who condone violence against immigrants has managed to infiltrate the Danish People’s Party (DF), according to documents obtained by Politiken.

Several of the 100 members of ORG were found to have held leading positions in the anti-immigration party at the same time as taking part in racist events.

Some members of the group also exerted their influence of right-wing organisations and praised Hells Angels group AK81 for “beating provocative wogs”. The documents obtained by the news agency include a ‘traitor archive’ known as ‘The Great Memory’, which documents liberal and pro-immigration opponents.

DF’s party secretary, Poul Lindholm Jensen, admitted to Politiken than Jesper Neilsen, the chairman of ORG, was part of the party’s leadership in Aarhus, and that another member ran as a parliamentary candidate. “I have not heard of ORG before. But I can see that neither of the two are with us any more. They both solved the problem by withdrawing from the party,” Lindholm Jensen said.

Neilsen refused to be interviewed, but issued this statement on ORG’s online message board. “ORG has not wanted the publicity concerned as we assume that the non-public character of the association will be misconstrued and misused to ascribe surreptitious motives to its closed nature,” the statement read.

The organisation has managed to remain undetected for more than 20 years, despite its leader, a policeman, receiving a suspended sentence in 2009 for abusing his position by gathering personal information on political rivals. The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) were still investigating possible links between the officer and the group when Politiken broke with the story.

“PET has been involved in investigating this case, which led to a police employee being sentenced for illegally collecting personal information from police registers. The fact that the information was seemingly collected for an extreme right network was, and remains, the object of PET’s attention,” the service’s chief Jakob Scharf said in a statement.

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