Marijuana mouth spray gets green light

A prescription drug which contains the same active ingredient as marijuana has become available to multiple sclerosis suffers in Denmark for the first time.

Bertel Haarder, the country’s minister for international affairs and health, ordered the law change to allow doctors to prescribe Sativex to their patients.

The oral spray, which alleviates pain, spasms and other symptoms, was developed by UK company, GW Pharmaceuticals. It is chemically identical to marijuana and, although mostly only available on unlicensed prescriptions, Sativex is exported to 28 countries worldwide.

“I understand from the Danish Medicines Agency that Sativex can help patients with multiple sclerosis, who have not responded to other sclerosis drugs. So, we’re not going to let stiff bureaucratic rules stand in the way of those patients getting a treatment that can help them,” Haarder said in a Berlingske report.

Only doctors and neurologists who specialise in neuromedicine will be authorised to dish out the drug on behalf of the Danish Medicine Agency.

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