Polish women lose trafficking compensation

A woman who forced four Polish women to shoplift and do housework for her without payment has had her sentence reduced, after a Swedish court acquitted her of trafficking.

The 47 year-old is still charged with fraud, but the ruling means the Polish women will lose their compensation payments of between SEK 16,000 and SEK 47,000 (USD 2,590 – USD 7,606) each.

The four Polish women, who lived in the woman’s flat in turns between 2006 and 2007, were forced to participate in the Swede’s shoplifting tours in Stockholm. They were also made to do household chores and babysit her daughter for up to 19 hours-a-day, seven days a week, reports Stockholm News.

Despite being promised between SEK 1,500 and SEK 10,000 (USD 243 – USD 1,619) a month, the Polish women received no payment and said they were held in the flat against their will.

The 47 year-old was originally sentenced to two years in prison by Solna District Court in Stockholm, but after petitioning Svea Court of Appeal, this has been lowered to 10 months. The Svea Court acquitted her of trafficking, claiming that there is no evidence that the women were threatened or misled in any way.

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