Alleged Norwegian Hell’s Angels leader convicted

An alleged figurehead of Norway’s Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang has been found guilty on several charges.

The news came via a Sor-Trondelag District Court, which found Leif Ivar Kristiansen, 51, guilty of aggravated robbery, a number of drug-related charges and threatening numerous individuals that were his competitors in the piercing and tattoo industry.

Kristiansen had been arrested in March by Oslo police following several raids at tattoo shops in Trondheim, Tromso and Lillehammer. But last week he was sentenced to 57 months behind bars and was also slapped with a NOK 275,000 (EUR 35,000) fine.

Several other alleged gang members were also convicted, three of whom were given prison sentences. During the trial, prosecutors had the assistance of an confessed gang member and 32 year-old father who testified that associates of Mr Kristiansen had threatened him. He was given a reduced sentence of two months in jail and more than 400 hours of community service.

Morten Furuholmen, who had defended Kristiansen, said to Addresseavisen: “It is an improper verdict and one that will not seem fair in retrospect”. Meanwhile, Mr Kristiansen said to reporters: “I will be appealing against everything possible,” The Foreigner reported.

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