Finnish MP to face police investigation over immigration comments

True Finns MP Teuvo Hakkarainen will be the subject of a police investigation over controversial comments he made regarding immigrants.

The announcement came via Finland’s Deputy Prosecutor General, who said that complaints filed by the Office of the Ombudsman for Minorities had been handed to Helsinki Police officials for further investigation.

Reports also show that prior complaints regarding Hakkarainen had been filed with Helsinki Police by an individual. The unnamed person had concerns over a video released by the Helsingin Sanomat news agency in which Mr Hakkarainen allegedly uses the N-word to describe a certain set of immigrants trying to pass through Finnish borders.

The alleged video also shows him mocking Islamic prayer and saying that if such individuals are allowed into Finland that minarets would appear across Helsinki and that prayer chants would disturb the peace of nearby residents.

The Prosecutor General’s office said that it was up to Helsinki Police to determine further action in the investigation and set a timetable accordingly.

Meanwhile, while Hakkarainen’s True Finns celebrate their recent good showing in national elections, hundreds of demonstrators have gathered outside Parliament, chanting slogans of tolerance and denouncing Hakkarainen’s comments.

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