Boy skier mauled after waking bear

A 12 year-old boy, who disturbed a hibernating brown bear by skiing over its lair, is in hospital after being bitten on both legs and scratched down his back. Olle Frisk, who woke the grouchy animal up from her winter-long slumber on Friday, was dragged into the den while skiing off piste with four friends in the Harjedalen resort in northern Sweden.

Speaking to local newspaper Ostersunds-Posten, Olle said: “I accepted death. That was the feeling: let it come.” However, he managed to eventually crawl out of the lair after playing possum. “It then became quiet and she then stepped over me and left. I think she thought I was dead as she stopped messing with me,” he said.

The boy’s friends managed to scare the bear away but, with Frisk now safely recovering in hospital, concern has moved to the animal’s cubs which have been left by their mother to fend for themselves. According to The Local, it is believed they could die within a week if she does not return.

The future of the cubs will be decided this week by the National Environmental Protection Agency and the nearby Orsa animal park, which has offered to care for the un-weaned bears.

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