Man: ‘Too much meat in my sausage’

A Swedish man has complained to the country’s Consumer Agency about a sausage product that claims to contain 104 percent meat. Despite listing other additives on the packaging, the snack, which is manufactured by charcuterie Transgvikens Chark AB, also advertises the seemingly impossibly high pork content.

“Personally I can’t accept that anything contains over 100 percent. And this sausage couldn’t possibly contain more than 100 percent meat as there are other ingredients stated on the label,” the man said in a letter to the agency.

After questioning staff at a shop in a ski resort in Are where the item were purchased, the bemused man was told that it takes more meat to make the sausage than is actually present in the finished item, according to The Local.

Trangsvikens Chark AB admitted that the statement is confusing, but explained to local newspaper Lanstidningen Ostersund that the label indicates that 104 grams of meat is used in every 100 gram sausage. “Of course there is a different way to declare the ingredients and perhaps that is what we’re going to have to do,” the company’s CEO Marcus Farnstorm said.