Dating site for cheaters draws record complaints

A dating website which encourages married people to have affairs has prompted a record number of complaints to the advertising ombudsman in Sweden. Norwegian company Victoria Milan has introduced a billboard campaign in Stockholm, with posters reading: “Are you married? Liven up your life – have an affair”.

The Swedish Advertising Ombudsman has already reported receiving a record number of complaints about the immoral message since the drive kicked off two weeks ago, with 90 coming in after the first day that the posters appeared.

Visitors to the firm’s Facebook page have also been critical of the concept. One person wrote: “You are the sickest firm I have ever experienced. You are a disgrace to Swedish business… that you encourage infidelity (with all the consequences for couples and not least their children).”

But Victoria Milan has defended the service, saying those who feel unhappy or trapped in long-term relationships can find like-minded clandestine soul mates online. “I understand that people react. But no one who is happy within their relationship will make use of our service just because we advertise,” the company’s CEO Sigurd Vedal told the Aftonbladet daily.

He added that they came up with the idea “as a result of the fact that a large proportion of people who are members of other dating sites lied about their marital status.”

“We are a dating site which is very clear and direct, in contrast to many other sites out there. In a very competitive market one has to be clear with one’s message and target group,” Vedal continued.