Arrest in Scotland over Stockholm bombing

A 30 year-old man has been arrested in the UK in connection to December’s suicide bombing in Stockholm. Police detained the man under the Terrorism Act following an intelligence-led raid in the Whiteinch area of Glasgow on Tuesday.

Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly was found dead in Sweden’s capital following two bomb blasts on 11th December last year. The 28 year-old, who was strapped with explosive devices that are thought to have detonated earlier than he was expecting, was born in Iraq but had been living in Luton, UK.

Following the attack, which injured two people and is thought to be the first suicide bombing in the country’s history, detectives in both Britain and Sweden were working on the assumption that Abdulwahab was assisted by others. The man arrested in Scotland has been arrested on suspicion of aiding terrorist activities.

A statement from the Swedish Security Service read: “Strathclyde Police, Scotland, have today arrested a person suspected of offences under the Terrorism Act. Scottish investigations show that there could be a connection between the person now arrested and the terrorist attack in central Stockholm on 11 December 2010, something the continuing investigation in Scotland will clarify.

“Strathclyde Police are in charge of the investigation and the arresting. The arrest made in Scotland is the result of the Scottish police investigation, the collaboration between Scotland and Sweden within the scope of international judicial assistance, and a good co-operation between prosecutors and police authorities.”