“Iceland should be exporting hydrogen”

A letter from an IceNews reader with some interesting ideas about Iceland’s energy reserves:

My name is Johnny Duncan and I am from Edinburgh in Scotland and read about the idea on the internet that Iceland could supply power derived from Volcanic Geothermal origins via an electricity cable to Scotland. That is a great concept but:

Would it not be a better idea to use the geothermal energy to produce hydrogen using electrolysis instead of an electrical cable?

A pipeline transporting hydrogen gas to Scotland could be used instead. For sure more energy would be required at-source to produce hydrogen from electricity than just electricity alone, but that would be significantly outweighed by the fact that during transportation there would be dramatic electrical loss in the conductor cable — but not so with a gas pipeline.

In my view Hydrogen is most definitely the fuel of the future with no pollution when burnt, only water vapour. A gas network already exists in Scotland which will be under pressure in the future to use more hydrogen. It is proposed that hydrogen could also be supplied to Southern Europe from North Africa using power derived from solar cells.

The cheapest way to make hydrogen is to throw water onto white hot coals, perhaps Iceland can find a way to pump water down a volcanic fissure and produce hydrogen? Just watch out for the carbon monoxide!

I do admire the way Iceland has handled the Economic crisis that has befallen this autonomous nation.

Best Regards
John Duncan

This letter for publication was sent in by John Duncan, an IceNews reader.
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