Apartment in downtown Reykjavik Iceland launches new website

 Apartment in downtown Reykjavik Iceland launches new websiteReykjavik4you Apartments recently launched a new website in preparation for the busy summer period, which is fast approaching. As the weather begins to brighten in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik begins to see an influx of tourists all looking for a place to stay in the downtown area.

Reykjavik4you is on hand with a number of apartments, which are located right in the heart of the city, proving them to be the most ideal accommodation to enjoy a Reykjavik holiday in style.

All of Reykjavik4you’s apartments are located within short walking distance from Reykjavik’s main attractions and facilities. For instance, Laugavegur and Skolavordustigur, Reykjavik’s main shopping streets are just a walk away, accommodating a variety of quaint fashion boutiques, cosy coffee shops and top quality restaurants.

In addition, all of the Reykjavik apartments are fully furnished including the kitchen, allowing you to cook every night if you wish. Furthermore, all of the apartments come equipped with a flat screen TV, where you can relax on a comfortable sofa and kick back.

“This is one of the nicest places I have ever stayed in and is very well located. The owners are lovely and very friendly, you can tell that they have worked hard to create an apartments that makes you feel like you are at home. The apartment is fully equipped with pretty much everything you could need…All in all this apartment is an excellent choice it offers a wonderful accommodation and at a very cheap rate,” commented a happy Reykjavik4you customer on the company’s online forum.

For further information about renting an apartment in Reykjavik, visit www.reykjavik4you.com.