Film production hire studio in Iceland now backed by Promote Iceland

Promote Iceland recently signed a contract with Kadeco for the foreign marketing of Atlantic Studios, a film production studio for hire close to Reykjavik in Iceland. Promote Iceland will now be in charge of marketing Atlantic Studios with the aim of attracting foreign film production companies and advertising agencies to Iceland.

The film studio, located at the Asbru Enterprise Park, offers filmmakers a wide variety of facilities including a 2,200 m2 soundstage with an extra 2,800 m2 for support areas, a 480 seat theatre for screenings and a swimming pool for ocean scenes.

The location of the Iceland film studio is a former aircraft hanger at the ex-american military navel base in Keflavik used during the cold war. The building is 5,000 m2 and with a surrounding 7,000 m2 fenced studio lot.

In the last few years several films have been partly shot at Atlantic Studios including The Good Heart, The Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre and Rokland. Additionally, large international productions such as Flags Of Our Father and Batman Begins have filmed on location in the beautiful Icelandic countryside.

Atlantic Studios is located just 5 minutes from Keflavik International Airport which has direct flights to major cities such as London, Copenhagen and New York.

For additional information about the film production studio facilites at the Asbru Enterprise Park in Iceland, visit and for renting information, contact Kadeco on +354-425-2100 or

About Kadeco & Promote Iceland

Since 2006, Kadeco has led the transformation of the Keflavik navy base into the Asbru Enterprise Park, where Atlantic Studios is located. Kadeco is a development company specialised in real-estate development, competitiveness and entrepreneurial development.

Promote Iceland helps Icelandic companies to sell their products, services, and know-how in the international marketplace. Promote Iceland offers the services of marketing professionals and consultants in Iceland and abroad.

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