Man claims teen death was sex accident

A Swedish man who claims he accidentally killed a 17 year-old girl during a sex act “that went too far” has had murder charges filed again him. The 37-year-old has admitted strangling the teenager from Blekinge, southern Sweden, but denies the murder charge.

According to deputy chief prosecutor Yvonne Rudinsson, the girl, referred to only as Johanna, was having a brief affair with the man before her death in August last year. The two met over the internet after the 37 year-old presented himself to the aspiring model as a photographer.

“He has said himself that he killed Johanna by mistake during a sexual activity that went too far,” police spokesperson Robert Loeffel told the Aftonbladet newspaper. The police were apparently contacted by a relative of the man after he confessed to the killing.

He has also been charged with disturbing the peace of the dead after dumping Johanna’s body in the woods outside Lindshammar, southern Sweden. Police concluded that the girl had been moved after being strangled in the man’s apartment.

In addition, since being detained the 37 year-old has been slapped with a separate charge of child rape dating back to 2007. Information about the man sleeping with a minor from Svenljunga emerged following publicity about Johanna’s death.

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