EVE Online Fanfest tickets and flights to Reykjavik available with Iceland airline

Fans of CCP Game’s leading online gaming community, EVE Online, can now book an exclusive package deal with Icelandair for the 2011 EVE Online Fanfest, to be held between 24th and 26th March in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Now in its seventh event, the EVE Online Fanfest is the place to be for first hand announcements, presentations, meet and greets, Q&As, and insights into what lies ahead for EVE Online. Included in this year’s three day festival line-up includes exclusive EVE presentations, PVP tournament, roundtables and discussions, DUST 514 presentations and insights, pub-crawls, live missions, and the fan favourite, ‘Party at the Top of the World.’

Icelandair, Iceland’s leading airline, is offering EVE Online fans and gamers the exclusive EVE Online Fanfest package deal, including flights, Fanfest tickets and selected accommodation at an additional cost.

Over 2500 people attended the EVE Online Fanfest in 2009; however, this year’s is set to be the biggest yet!

To book this EVE Online Fanfest package deal, visit http://www.icelandair.co.uk/offers-and-bookings/book-packages/package/item199857/Eve_Online_Fanfest/

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