CNN lists Reykjavik as top destination to visit this Christmas and Newyears

The U.S. cable news channel, Cable News Network (CNN) has recently listed Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, as the top travel destination to spend Christmas 2010. The recommendation appears on CNN’s travel website, CNNGO.

The news network describes Iceland as a great family location and a “real treat for the tots” due to the cities local folklore of not only one Santa but 13 Santas or Jolasveinar (Yule Lads) as they are known in Reykjavik.

The 13 Santas come to the city one by one, day by day starting on December 12th, bearing gifts and goodies. CNN also recommend the Christmas Village in the small town of Hafnarfjordur, just a short drive from downtown Reykjavik. The Christmas Village is open every weekend from November 24th until Christmas day. According to Icelandic folklore, Hafnarfjordur is known as the home of elves and the small fishing town also offers walking tours around the town to visit the elf homes.

Additionally, the news network channel describes how there are bonfires all over the country on both New Year’s Eve and the Twelfth Night (January 6th) and advises catching the amazing firework display that lights up the sky above Reykjavik on both nights.

Go to for further information on how to get to Iceland and experience Christmas the Icelandic way.

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