Israel blasts Norway for dead Gaza kids play

A Norwegian council has been accused of funding an anti-Israel play by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. The Trondheim Municipality in central Norway, which is promoting the play “Gaza Monologues” and displaying an accompanying exhibition, is providing incitement for those who wish to “de-legitimise” Israel, according to the ministry.

Norwegian students taking part in the play, which tells stories of the suffering of Gaza children as a result of the Israeli occupation, are being taken on a trip to New York by Trondheim council. An exhibition which accompanies the play shows pictures of deceased Palestinian children by the helmets of Israeli soldiers as well as an Israeli flag drenched in blood.

A documentary called, “Tears of Gaza” will also be screened at festivals around the world. In the film, which also looks at the plight of Gaza children, Gazans can be heard chanting, “Slaughter the Israelis”.

A recently released book which accused Israeli Defence Forces of deliberately killing women and children became a bestseller in Norway and was recommended in the national media by the country’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.

The Israeli Embassy has strongly criticised the Norwegian authorities for what it says is the “demonising” of Israel. Norway, however, insists that freedom of speech and artistic expression are intrinsic rights in the country.

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