Sweden’s King revealed as cheating stripper-lover

The image of Sweden’s royal family was thrown into disarray last week after a book accused the country’s quiet, bespectacled king of attending wild sex parties and having an affair with a buxom model. King Carl Gustaf, who is held up in Sweden as an image of morality due to his 34-year union with Queen Silvia, was apparently a habitué of stripper parties at a Stockholm club, sometimes hosted by infamous Mafia boss Mille Markovic.

According to the book, The reluctant Monarch, – which sold out the entire 20,000 copies initially printed last weekend – King Carl was also protected by the country’s secret service, Sapo, which pressured the women involved into handing over compromising pictures of the monarch.

King Carl is said to have attended several dinner parties which ended in liaisons with scantily clad models, and several women claim to have had sex with the king. After celebrating a successful elk hunt, the book alleges that Gustaf had sex with two women at the same time.

The King is also accused of spending thousands of dollars on strippers and employing Sapo agents to search the homes of the women involved to confiscate any compromising pictures. “If the rolls of film and pictures aren’t turned over, some ­unpleasant things will happen,” the authors claim.

A large part of the book focuses on a lengthy affair the king is said to have had with Swedish singer and model Camilla Henemark. Miss Henemark has not denied the revelations but said her lawyer has advised her not to comment.

King Carl was also not very talkative on the subject, saying he had not yet had a chance to read the book but he was aware of what it contained. “I have spoken with my family and the Queen and we choose to turn the page … and move forward because, as I understand, these are things that happened a long time ago,” he added.

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