Icelanders “Come back home” to Norway

Two Norwegian men recently sent a press release to Icelandic media inviting Icelanders to move back to Stongfjorden in Norway. Stongfjorden, located on the west coast of Norway, was home to Ingolfur Arnarson, the first Nordic settler in Iceland, before he fled the town in 874 after becoming involved in a blood feud.

Roy Saevik and Haavar Yndestad playfully stated that the actions of Arnarson have long been forgotten and that Icelanders are now more than welcome in Stongfjorden.

The press release entitled “Come back home” also contained a serious point, asking Icelanders to consider the possibility of moving back to Stongfjorden and starting a new life. According to, this is due to the fact that if the local primary school and kindergarten do not receive an extra 3 to 4 pupils by next year, then it is highly possible that they will both be closed down.

If this happens then the children in the town will be forced to attend another school in a close by town. Many fear that this will impact upon local industry and discourage investors from investing in the town and its businesses. Saevik and Haavar wrote, “We need more kids who are born from 2002 to 2005.”

The Norwegian men describe themselves as being ready to assist families who wish to move to the town and will offer housing and work as well as rent payment for the first three months. Additionally, for those who wish to build on available land in the area, Saevik and Haavard claim it would only cost 1 ISK to buy the land.

Saevik and Haavar added, “It was 1136 years ago when you all left us and now it is time for you to come back home. We are your closest relatives and here you are guaranteed both work and housing. We are sure that this would please Ingolfur Arnarson.”

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