Poo bear shuns the woods

Councillors in a Swedish community are watching their backs after a bear left a dirty protest outside the town hall. The suspicious pile of dung was discovered in Ytterhogdal, northern Sweden, as people turned up for work on Tuesday, November 2, dispelling the popular myth that bears only relieve themselves in the woods.

Speaking to the Ostersund-Posten daily, resident Marten Jonsson said it was clear that the offbeat calling card had been delivered by a bear due to its size and high concentration lingonberries. “There are a large number of people who have been by to have a look, among them an experienced hunter, and everyone is in agreement that it is bear s**t,” Jonsson told the newspaper.

It is not know whether the offering is a comment on the town’s governance, but there is some concern about the bear’s choice of impromptu latrine.

“When it is a bear that’s thrashing about here then it feels a little worrying. I wouldn’t want to meet it on the way to or from my car,” Lena Arnesson from the Ytterhogdal local government told the newspaper.

Despite the country of Jamtland authorising the killing of 90 bears during the 2010 hunt, there are still an estimated 2,000 roaming around Sweden.