Breaking News: Heathrow terminal one evacuated after a fire alarm

HeathrowHeathrow Terminal One in London has been evacuated due to a fire alarm. Passengers were told to leave their belongings behind and walk towards the exits guided by airport staff.

“At first I was not sure what to do, but then a waiter came to me and asked me to please evacuate, so I stood up and walked from the restaurant table leaving behind the food I just ordered,” said an Iceland-bound passenger when interviewed. “There seemed to be little control; we were told to follow Heathrow staff members to safety but to begin with, it was not very clear who was staff and who was not”.

According to the passenger, the fire alarm went silent several minutes later and people returned to their flights, seats and belongings they left behind.

There were a couple of minutes of confusion before Heathrow Airport staff gained control of the situation and people were guided towards the right evacuation points. When the alarm stopped, they were guided back.

Some 13 years back Heathrow was evacuated twice over a short period, BBC reported