Iceland Airwaves: Wednesday Review

You could feel the energy as soon as you hit downtown Reykjavik. Well, that’s all I could feel whilst standing in a large queue for at least thirty minutes before I gave up on trying seeing any live music, however, my night was far from uneventful!

The best thing about Iceland Airwaves, apart from the scheduled events, is that no matter where you are, something is happening. As I jumped from bar to bar sampling the finest of Reykjavik’s drink offers, there were hordes of people partying no matter the venue, and this was only a Wednesday night!!

So my own personal experience of Wednesday was more ‘roll’ than ‘rock and roll’, but it was still a blast. I have been told that NASA, located on Austurvollur, was amongst the cream of crop for live music, with the likes of Bloodgroup, Benny Crespo’s Gang, Mammut and my favourite of the bunch, Agent Fresco.

Agent Fresco are widely loved in Iceland. Their polyrhythmic song structures and complexity will please the most-snobbish of ‘Jazz cats’; whilst their powerful dynamics and intensive live performances get those into heavier music buzzin’. The band’s debut full-length album, A Long Time Listening is to be released next month on Record Records; I suggest you check it out.

Let’s see what will happen tonight.