Council workers complain about gay toy art

Council employees in Denmark have demanded that a picture of two toy figures simulating gay sex be removed from their offices. According to news website, workers at Roskilde Town Hall are in uproar over the cheeky artwork which shows two ‘Duplo’ men getting friendly in a public park.

The piece, by artist Svend Ahnstorm, has received at least three complaints from staff, according to reports. The exhibition, which has been installed in the town hall by the local art association, also features the popular children’s play figures in guises as Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler.

Henrik Kolind, spokesman for Roskilde Council, said there are no plans to remove the offending images. “We have freedom of expression in Denmark, and the association asked for my approval of the exhibition and got it,” he said in a report by The Copenhagen Post.

Ahnstorm said he was surprised by the controversy, adding that he didn’t think workers would have the same objections if the piece depicted heterosexual sex. “It’s hard to believe that something like this can offend people in today’s Denmark,” he added.

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