Reykjavik mayor opens huge new adventure golf course

Last Monday Reykjavik Mayor Jon Gnarr took the first swing in Iceland’s first ever Adventure Mini Golf course; The Treasure Hunt. What he didn’t know beforehand was that the pirate ship (originally called Knutur RE) now bears his name.

Adventure Mini Golf is one the world’s most popular recreational games. And with the addition of this 18-hole course in Iceland’s biggest ever permanent stage set, Skemmtigardurinn hopes to make Reykjavik a more family and fun orientated city for residents and tourists alike.

A pirate ship stranded in Grafarvogur

A 30-tonne pirate ship now stands on dry land in Gufunes in Grafarvogur, beside it a whole pirate village. It is no mirage, but a colossal Adventure Mini Golf stage set.
Skemmtigardurinn’s employees have been working day and night for the past months building this 2,500 square-metre Adventure Mini Golf course called The Treasure Hunt. The course is the single biggest stage set ever built in Iceland.

Knutur RE got a new life as a pirate ship

Knutur RE is a 50 year-old wooden boat that stage set designers and builders have transformed into an impressive pirate ship that would do Jack Sparrow proud. Around the pirate ship and adjacent pirate town coils an 18-hole Mini Golf course where you golf your way through adventures to try and find the treasure that lies at the end. The treasure hunt takes you along tropical shores, fortified watchtowers and more, where you risk the chance of encountering whales and even pirates along the way. The Adventure Mini Golf caters to all ages, and the course is especially designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Adventure Mini Golf is the third and newest generation of Mini Golf. Approximately 100 years ago, the British started fooling around by hitting golf balls along small courses laid with miniature windmills, bridges and other obstacles. The called it Crazy Golf, because it was the craziest version of the game they had ever seen. The game later evolved into what we now know as Mini Golf. And now the third generation of this game is here: Adventure Mini Golf, which is played through a colossal stage set. Adventure Mini Golf is now featured in numerous recreational parks around the globe. Critics love it and in many places it has, unsurprisingly, become one of the most popular attractions, as this easy and fun game can be enjoyed by all ages.

Skemmtigardurinn’s diverse activities

The Adventure Mini Golf is a great addition to what the Skemmtigardur already has to offer. Its traditional Mini Golf, three Paint Ball courses, Laser Tag al fresco, incentive programs, climbing wall, Frisbee course, beach volley ball, conference room and jumping castle have been enjoyed by families and companies alike for many years.

(This article’s material is based on a press release)

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