Northern Lights holidays in Iceland this winter with

Iceland has always been a popular holiday destination for people wishing to experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights. Due to the country’s excellent location just below the Arctic Circle and its easy flight access for travellers from both Europe and the United States, Iceland is the perfect place to see the Aurora Borealis.

In addition, this coming winter should prove to be the most ideal time to see the breathtaking Auroras as the amount of sunspots, which cause the Northern Lights, are reaching their 11-year cycle peak. Therefore, the chances of catching the Northern Lights at their best is highly likely.

Now the Northern Lights season is only a few months away, is offering exclusive prices on its Northern Lights Tour packages, with 3-day holiday deals starting from only €76 per person.

An Iceland City Break is an ideal choice for those interested in seeing the Auroras and, at the same time, enjoying everything else Reykjavik has to offer; such as top-class restaurants and cuisine, unique culture, sparkling nightlife and amazing attractions within easy reach.

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