Randy rabbits reproduce in wreckage

kanínaIn February, Swedish animal lovers were left in shock after the roof collapsed at the country’s premier rabbit show, leaving many prized bunnies dead, buried or unaccounted for.

However, it appears that the surviving well-bred rabbits found the perfect opportunity to practise what they do best in amongst the rubble, with reports that many made new acquaintances in the aftermath.

The Nykoping Rabbit Show, held each year in the town 100 kilometres south of the capital Stockholm, attracted 1,648 prized rabbits and their owners to a large tennis complex. Heavy snowfall caused the roof to collapse overnight, resulting in dozens of rabbit fatalities. Rescue teams and owners also believed that many surviving bunnies fled to the surrounding forests.

Workers charged with rebuilding the complex have since discovered that the randy rabbits have been far from idle in their freedom. “They made new friends and they became a bit aroused by the incident. The builders told me it was a veritable circus in there,” said one rabbit breeder.

The wreckage meant that breeds which have previously never intermingled found new playmates, with the variety of colours and types throwing up all manner of weird new combinations such as Lionheads mounted Himalayans, and British Giants nuzzled up to Dwarf Hotots.

According to The Local, somewhere between 50 and 70 breeders have since discovered they are the proud owners of a surprising range of off-beat litters.