New rules called for to limit street vendors

copenhagenNew rules are being called for across Danish City Councils to deal with what are seen as increasingly problematic street vendors.

In Denmark, registering with a local council is currently all that street vendors are required to do in order to begin selling. However, under a new proposal, all vendors will be required to pay an annual fee of DKK 4,550 (USD 812) for a numbered license plate that must be displayed while trading. These plates would also limit the street seller to a certain location.

Chairman of the Committee of City Councils, Bent Lohmann, said that problems caused by uncontrolled street vendors needed addressing, reports Politiken.

“It’s a bigger problem than you think,” said Lohmann. “‘There are so many street traders that they are fighting over who ‘owns’ what space. An annual fee will reduce their numbers. After all, when you look at how good their sales are then who can’t afford 4550 kroner”.

Lohmann also argued that shopkeepers have joined politicians in calling for action to be taken against street vendors. Many say they have been undermined by street vendors selling cut-price goods such as fruit, bottled water and coffee on the street.

“These street traders don’t respect the fact that shopkeepers have to pay rent and there are concerns that they are stealing their customers,” said Lohmann.

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