Bestiality ban called for in Denmark

copenhagenThe Danish organisation Dyrenes Venner (Friends of the Animals) is launching a new petition which calls for bestiality to be outlawed in Denmark. In addition, Friends of the Animals is campaigning for new legislation that would also make illegal animal sex shows, animal pornography and animal brothels.

The organisation is calling on all Danes to sign a petition that would favour the ban, something which Friends of the Animals claims would send society a strong ethical message. “The more signatures we get the more voters will make their voices heard on this issue and influence the [justice] minister and MPs,” said Peter Mollerup, the organisation’s chairman. The petition, which was launched last week, has to date attracted some 3,000 signatures with the society hoping to reach 100,000.

In support of its campaign, Friends of the Animals has taken out full page advertisements in both the Ekstra Bladet and BT tabloids along with Kristeligt Dagbladet, the Christian newspaper.

A similar proposal which sought to ban animal sex had previously been tabled by Malene Harpsoe of the Danish People’s Party, but it was not supported by a parliamentary majority. Harpsoe is in full support of the latest proposal. “We want to table a decisive proposal on a ban against sex with animals and hope that the many signatures will influence members of parliament,” Harpsoe stated.

No figures have been released by police into the number or frequency of bestiality cases.