Press Release from EPP President Wilfried Marthens about EU Membership for Iceland

eep euThe following is a Press Release from the European People’s Party regarding Iceland’s membership application to join the European Union.





Brussels, 17 July 2009

Wilfried Martens, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP, Europe’s centre-right political family), welcomed the decision of Iceland to submit an application for EU membership. Iceland, with a population of just 320.000, has traditionally been skeptical about joining the European Union.

“I welcome yesterday’s historic decision of the Icelandic parliament to submit an application for EU membership. Iceland is an important European country with a long democratic tradition and has strong links not only with the Nordic EU Member States but also with the EU at-large. It is my strong belief that Iceland has a place in the European Union family,” stated the EPP President.

“The imminent EU application of Iceland also proves that the European idea is reaching every corner of Europe and inspires hope, prospect, solidarity. I look forward to visiting Reykjavík and discussing with like-minded leaders and opinion-makers Iceland’s EU perspective,” Martens added.

For more information: 

Kostas Sasmatzoglou, Spokesman, Tel. +32-2-2854147

Javier Jiménez, Press Officer, Tel: +32-475480446

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