Danes choosing green when it comes to electricity

wind-turbinesOne indication that Danes are serious about tackling climate change involves the country’s electricity providers. The Politiken newspaper reports that a rising number of Danish consumers are changing electricity companies to those that specialise in sustainable energy production.

A number of Denmark’s small independent electricity producers who are green have seen an impressive jump in new customers over the past months. Less than two percent of Danes switch electric companies each quarter, a figure much lower than its Nordic neighbours.

However, the important fact is that many of the Danes who are changing are making the move to green companies despite the often higher cost of their power, JP news service notes.

Natur-Energi is one such firm that produces all its electricity from sustainable energy sources. Its customer base has grown by 100 percent since January, doubling itself each month. If this rate continues, Natur-Energi will have around 50,000 consumers by the end of 2009.

“We get all kinds of customers – everyone from nurses to heads of advertising agencies. And the one thing they have in common is that they want to take responsibility for their electricity usage,” Rasmus Christensen, Natur-Energi’s chief executive commented.

However, even though conscientious energy consumption is on the rise in Denmark, the country is not the European leader. The Netherlands, for example, has some 1.5 million consumers using green electricity.

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