BigPoll Predicts 10 qualifiers from 1st Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final

moscow-kremlinThe 7th annual BigPoll is well underway on, the world’s most  visited independent Eurovision Song Contest website. Readers and members have been predicting the outcome of each semi final, and the results are grouped geographically and then worked out based on the Eurovision Song Contest scoring Prediction. Over 100,000 predictions have been made, by more than 6,000 members of, which is a record number.
The 10 countries predicted to qualify from tonight’s semi final are:

1. Turkey
2. Bosnia Herzegovina
3. Sweden
4. Iceland
5. Malta
6. Finland
7. Romania
8. Armenia
9. Portugal
10. Switzerland

• Based on a second vote, readers believe that Israel will be the 10th qualifier as juries will vote them above Switzerland.
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