Alistair Darling “interpreted the words of the Icelandic Finance Minister in the wrong way”

alistair-darlingThe use of terrorist laws against Iceland has been criticised by a UK Parliament committee that is looking into how the British government reacted, using controversial terrorist laws against Iceland.
“If this is as is being reported, then it’s the one positive aspect of the whole affair,” Says Arni Mathiesen former Icelandic Finance Minister. “This however helps us (Iceland) very little as the action has been taken,” he continues. Mr. Mathiesen says that this is a strong indication that the British Government played a greater role in the fall of the Icelandic banks than earlier assumed.

Some in Iceland feel it is striking that in the report nothing is said about the strong words used by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he talked about and explained his government’s actions. When the report is looked at in whole, it is interesting to note that criticism seems to fall mainly on Alistair Darling and the British Government, without mentioning Gordon Brown.

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