Finland’s Nokia plans voluntary redundancy

smsIt seems it’s now mobile phone maker Nokia’s turn to trim its workforce in a bid to control costs and maintain profitability. The Finnish mobile phone giant is offering a voluntary resignation package along with other voluntary options to encourage its employees to quit in what Nokia calls a “challenging market environment.”

The resignation package will be offered to Nokia staff in every country where they operate in the hope that it can get 1,000 of its staff to resign before May. Only management and factory workers are not being allowed to consider the voluntary resignation offers. Other methods Nokia is planning to cut back on personnel costs include increased unpaid leave, sabbaticals, and a trade of holiday pay for more holiday time off.

Nokia claims the redundancy ideas came from its own staff. “We have considered these and are now announcing voluntary initiatives that could contribute to our efforts to adjust our cost base to the current market environment. If successful, the voluntary initiatives will lessen the need for involuntary redundancies”, Hallstein Moerk, Nokia’s Head of Human Resources, said in a press release reported by SIKUnews.