New improved banknotes coming to Denmark

50kr Danish banknoteIn a bid to curb counterfeiting, the Danish government has announced it is creating new banknotes that contain the latest security measures. The Central Bank will begin with a newly designed 50 kroner note, which will be put into the currency stream on 11 August.

The JP news agency notes that the new security features include a motion thread inside the banknotes that have a motif that moves. The banknotes will also have a high-tech hologram that reflects light in various colours. The old security measures like the hidden security thread and the watermark will remain as well.

The new banknotes, which will feature iconic Danish bridges and archaeological discoveries, are being designed by artist Karin Birgitte Lund. The 100 and 200 kroner notes will have a new embossed print that will make them easier for blind people to identify. Each banknote will also have a different size.

The 50 kroner note will show the Sallingsund Bridge and the Skarpsalling vessel. The 100 kroner note, which will be issued in May 2010, will depict the old Little Belt Bridge and the Hindsgavl dagger, while the 200 kroner note, to be issued in October 2010, will depict the Knippelsbro bridge and a belt-plate from Langstrup. In February 2011, the new 500 kroner note will hit the streets adorned with Queen Alexandrine’s Bridge and the bronze vessel from Keldby, and in May 2011 a 1,000 kroner note will come out featuring the Great Belt Bridge and the Sun Chariot.