Danish UFO files now open to public

ufoThe top secret UFO files compiled by Denmark’s Air Force over the past 30 years have finally been declassified and opened to public perusal. Some 15,000 reported UFO sightings are detailed in the files, offering plenty for UFO buffs to drool over. The Danish government decided to release the files because they felt “there was nothings secret in the files.”

The Copenhagen Post reports that most of the sightings remain unidentified because there was not enough precise information to make a judgment. Many of the sightings, however, were found to be aircraft, weather phenomenon and the like. But not all the sightings were over Danish territory, and rumor has it one sighting over Greenland is drawing particular attention from UFO enthusiasts.

The Greenland incident happened on 5 January 1981, when a square flaming object appeared over the frozen tundra near Thule Air Base. The object disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Interestingly, the neighbouring American military base recorded the exact same thing.

Danish Air Force Captain Thomas Petersen is an expert on the UFO files, and told the Copenhagen Post that the Air Force’s primary concern is defending Denmark against outside threats. “UFOs are not a known threat,” Peterson teasingly commented.

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