“Muscle” dogs targeted for tracking in Denmark

dog-flyingSeveral groups within Denmark’s parliament are behind a new campaign to require all “muscle” dogs in the country to be specially registered and licensed in a bid to keep track of potentially dangerous animals. Two of the nation’s largest political parties, the Danish People’s Party (DF) and the Social Democrats, have proposed new legislation that will make the registration mandatory.

The proposal will soon be submitted to the Danish parliament for approval. There are thousands of muscle dogs in Denmark that will need to be registered. The Copenhagen Post revealed that the Danish dog resister contains more than 6,000 canines that qualify as muscle dogs, although the Danish Kennel Club believes the actual number may be closer to 20,000. Most of the muscle dogs in Denmark are American bulldogs.

The proposal was brought forward after another mauling incident happened recently in the town of Haderslev. Peter Skaarup, chairman of the parliamentary legal committee, said, “It is a pressing problem that more and more of these dogs are emerging. It’s tempting to extend a ban on these dog breeds, but there’s no denying that it’s the owners who must be educated.”

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