Next Danish football coach to come from Chelsea?

frank arnesenThe Danish Football Federation has its eye on ex-Chelsea coach Frank Arnesen as current national team coach Morten Olsen continues to struggle to create impressive results. Olsen’s contract is set to expire in 2010, but should the Danes fail to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa his departure could come sooner.
Arnesen is considered a “natural candidate for our discussion” according to the Danish Football Federation’s general secretary Jim Stjerne Hansen. Speaking to the Guardian UK newspaper, Hansen commented: “It is widely accepted that Frank [Arnesen], along with Morten Olsen, is the Dane who commands the most respect abroad. So I will definitely not rule [an approach] out.”
Arnesen is currently working with Chelsea as their chief talent scout and head of youth development. But Arnesen and his team have had little success in bringing young talent up through the ranks since he was brought on in 2005. This lack of results has prompted Chelsea’s administration to restructure their scouting and recruitment departments.
Chelsea has already released 15 of the 25 staff in its scouting network, suggesting big changes are afoot at the London club. Denmark currently sits atop the tight Group One in World Cup qualifiers, but is by no means assured of going through yet after only three games. At any rate, Olsen insists he will depart when his contract ends in 2010.