Iceland PM hits out at IMF rumours

In a Interview to the online media the Icelandic prime minster Geir H. Haarde said that unprocessed loans from other countries are stopping the IMF finalising its loan to Iceland, not political pressure from other EU countries.

According to news there have been rumours that the IMF is being pressured by some EU nations to not process the loan until Iceland has agreed to the terms made by the UK and the Netherlands in regards to the Icesave accounts.

“I do not believe that the IMF will be used in such political way,” said Haarde. “And if true, you will need to tell me twice before I believe it“.

“We would rather cancel the IMF loan than be treated like that. Iceland needs help but we will not be black mailed.“

“The conflict between the UK and Iceland is unsolved and is one of the worst crisis between countries that Iceland has had to deal with in my memory and it’s really frustrating that the nation has been put into this hardship because of the actions of a private company,“ said the prime minister. “There is a big gap between the two countries in regards of how much accountability Iceland should be taking on in this case.“

When asked about the funds put into the Icesave accounts this week by the UK government and the announcement of Alistair Darling that UK had loaned Iceland money, the Icelandic prime minister said: “Iceland has not agreed to any loans and will not under these conditions. We will need to have a mutual agreement on it or solve it through the EU judicial system”.

“We have been a member of the IMF for some 63 years and have the same rights as other nations to be heard and dealt with in a just manner.”

“If we do not get the loan from the IMF Iceland will not be bankrupt, Iceland has always paid its debts and will keep on doing so,” he said.

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