Former Finnish President Martii Ahtisaari wins Nobel Peace Prize

ahtisaari-and-his-wifeThe 2008 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to former Finnish President Martii Ahtisaari by the Norwegian Nobel Committee for his “important efforts” in resolving global conflicts. Ahtisaari is rumoured to have been a candidate for the past few years, and has finally received his deserved recognition as a peacemaker.

According to sources at SikuNews, Ahtisaari was chosen this year for his long-term involvement in global peacekeeping efforts. He was very active in the peace process for Indonesia’s Aceh Province as well as being a United Nations special envoy to Kosovo. Ahtisaari truly embodies the original hopes of Alfred Nobel to award the peace prize to a person who, “Contributed to a more peaceful world,” and the “fraternity between nations.”

The Nobel Committee has come under fire in recent years for awarding the peace prize to human rights activists or environmentalists. But all will agree that Ahtisaari is a true peacemaker. He won from a field of 200 nominations that consisted of 160 individuals and some 30 organisations.

Nominations come from an elite group of people from around the globe, including members of governments, university professors, former Nobel winners and past members of the Nobel Committee. Ahtisaari will receive his prize of a medal, a diploma, and SEK10 million in cash on 10 December in Oslo.

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