Indian-made electric cars coming to Norway

norwegian-flagIn a few months, Indian carmaker Tata Motors is planning to begin selling an electric version of its hatchback car called the Indica in Norway. Working in conjunction with a Norwegian firm, the company will make the Indica widely available throughout the country in 2009 if sales go well.

Tata’s managing director, Ravi Kant, told Reuters that “this is one of the technologies that we are looking at, as you know that electric cars are almost zero emission. Right now we want to test it out in Norway with the Norwegian party. Because, you know, lot of infrastructure is required for electric vehicles and … in Norway, they are making arrangements for electric cars.”

Tata is perhaps best known for producing the world’s cheapest car, the Nano. The Indica that will be sold in Norway will use a “two-pack” battery capable of travelling about 175km when fully charged. One of the reasons Tata is moving some of its research to Norway is the company has been experiencing violent protests at its factories in eastern India, where the Nano is being manufactured. Norway has good existing infrastructure and the government is serious about alternative cars in the future, making it an ideal location for Tata to continue its electric revolution.

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