Iceland will be going for its first Olympic gold ever!

“It was obvious that this was not just another victory when the captain of Iceland’s team handball squad, with a big lead and only 30 seconds left in a semifinal game, put his hands to his face and cried. ” NY Times reports.

The proud but small Island nation in the north is going for their first Olympic gold ever, Iceland has some medals in their collection, but have never had real chance for gold until now.

According to the NY Times the president of Iceland said that this was the biggest moment in Icelandic sport history.

Now Iceland has just France to win and knowing Icelanders the whole cinemas and sport halls will be filled with people watching the game live cheering for their team and fellow country man.

For those that want to buy some memorabilia, items such as the team’s team shirts will be auctioned and all profit will go to good cause – This will be done at the Vodafone dome in Reykjavik Iceland – reports.

So far Iceland has three medals in its Olympic history, all in individual sports – The first was in 1956 for triple-jump (Vilhjalmur Einarsson), then a judo bronze in 1984 (Bjarni Fridriksson) and a bronze in year 2000 for pole-vault (Vala Flosadottir).

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