Iceland and its handball team gets great support all over the world

As Iceland crushes Spain in the men’s handball semi-finals, the players and the country gets huge support for their effort for gold at the Olympics.

Here are some remarks made at Icenews and other media:

“I am one of those 310.000 proud Icelanders. You should also not forget that along the way we have also won the European champions Denmark, the world champions Germany and former Olympic champions Russia. The Vikings from Iceland showed their real face!”

“Here in Sweden we are very excited about Icelands victory in the semifinals. Sweden has no gold in these Olympics and personally I don’t think we’ll get one. But a goldmedal in handball for our brothers in Iceland certainly would ease our pain.”

“We (The proud Icelanders) DREW with Denmark. We leveled the score from a penalty line(7 meter) 2-4 seconds before end of game. BUT NOW WE’RE IN THE FINALS……….”

“We beat nations that are 130 times larger than we are.”

And at some of the major news media out there:

“Spain, bronze medallists in Sydney and Atlanta, were caught napping by an early onslaught from the Icelanders and never recovered against an opponent that has turned the tournament on its head with its giant-killing feats. ”,27313,24227559-5016792,00.html

“Jeg har lige oplevet noget helt fantastisk. Ikke med Danmark i hovedrollen. Men med Island. Og det var tæt på at være lige så godt, som når det er Danmark.”

“En af denne verdens mest geniale håndboldspillere nogensinde, islandske Olafur Stefansson, spillede fredag den lille vulkanø i OL-finalen, da han med en kreativitet af en helt anden verden strøede om sig med fabelagtige oplæg til sine hårdt arbejdende medspillere.”

ns Nyheter
Portalen Faroe Islands

“It was a convincing display by the Icelandic team as they crushed Spain 36-30 in their semi-final.”

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